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Roo Casino

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Roo Casino, where the thrill of a Vegas-style casino meets the laid-back Aussie vibe. As soon as you step into this virtual wonderland, you're greeted with a "G'day" and a whopping 200% Welcome Bonus up to a staggering $5,000! Picture this: you, lounging in your comfiest chair, diving into a treasure trove of top-notch games from giants like BetSoft and iSoftBet, all the while sipping on a flat white. Sounds like a dream, right?

Roo Casino isn't just about the flash and dazzle of bonuses; it's a place where every spin could be a story, every card flip a tale of fortune. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the serene beaches of the Gold Coast, Roo brings the essence of Australia to your fingertips. Whether you're a high roller or just in for a bit of fun, there's something for everyone. Fancy a whirl at the pokies or a strategic tussle at the blackjack table? Roo's got you covered.

But wait, there's more! Deposit methods as easy as snagging a snag at a barbie, and withdrawals quicker than a kangaroo on a hot tin roof. And let's not forget the cherry on top: daily free spins and bonuses that'll make you feel like you've struck gold at the end of a rainbow.

So, what are you waiting for? Register, play, and let Roo Casino bring a bit of Aussie magic to your day. Strike it lucky down under, where the slots are hot, the bonuses generous, and every play is fair dinkum. Welcome to Roo Casino – where the reels keep spinning and the wins keep grinning! 🎰✨🇦🇺

How to Register at Roo Casino

Joining the Roo Casino family? It's as easy as a walkabout in the Outback, mate! Let's stroll through this, step by easy step, like a leisurely bushwalk. First things first, hop onto the Roo Casino site. Look for the 'Sign Up' button – it's as big and bold as a kangaroo in the midday sun, you can't miss it. Give it a click and you're on your way!

Next up, you'll enter the land of basic info. This is where you leave your mark - your name, email, and a password that's as robust as a croc's jaw. Make it strong, make it memorable. Then, sprinkle in a bit of personal spice – your address, phone number, the usual suspects. It's like setting up your campsite; make sure everything's in order.

But wait, there's a twist in the tale! You'll need to verify your ID. No worries, it's as straightforward as a didgeridoo solo. Just a quick upload of a valid document, be it your driver’s license or passport. It's all about ensuring you're the real deal, fair dinkum.

And here's the exciting bit: once you've dotted the I's and crossed the T's, keep an eye on your email. A confirmation link will be winging its way to you quicker than a kookaburra at dawn. Click that link, and before you can say "jackpot", you're in! Welcome to the Roo crew, where the reels spin as lively as a dance at a bush doof.

You're now all set to explore the thrills and spills of Roo Casino Login. Dive into a world where every spin could be a win, and every game a new adventure. Whether you're a fan of the pokies or a table game aficionado, Roo Casino's got you covered, with more games than there are stars in the Southern Cross.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your virtual stubby, pull up a chair, and get ready to experience the exhilarating world of online gaming, Aussie style. At Roo Casino Login, every click of the mouse is a step into a world brimming with excitement, a place where the big wins roam free. Let's roll the dice and spin the reels – your Roo Casino Login adventure starts now! 🎰🌟🇦🇺

Roo Casino Promos

Bonus Type

Goodies on Offer

Welcome Bonus

200% up to $5000

Daily Free Spins

30 spins every day

Combo Bonuses

50 spins + 30% bonus, 10 spins + 10% bonus

Regular Bonuses

35% up to $100, 25% up to $100

Welcome Bonus

Now, let's yarn about the Welcome Bonus. This is the big kahuna, mates! Make your first deposit and Roo Casino slaps a 200% bonus on top, up to a whopping $5,000. It's like hitting the jackpot without even spinning a reel. The terms are fair dinkum too – with a 20x wagering requirement, it's clear as day what you're signing up for. Gather 'round, mates, as I spin the yarn about Roo Casino's Welcome Bonus, the big kahuna of welcomes in the online casino world. Picture this: you stroll into Roo Casino, make your first deposit, and what happens next? Roo Casino, being the generous host it is, slaps a whopping 200% bonus on top, up to an eye-popping $5,000! It's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, without the need to chase the rain. This bonus is as hearty as a backyard barbie, and the terms? Clear as an Outback sky – a 20x wagering requirement that's as straight-up as a gum tree.

Free Spins

Now, let's natter about those Free Spins. Roo Casino isn't just generous; it's like your mate who's always shouting you a round at the pub. Every single day, the casino tosses 30 free spins your way, no strings attached. It's like waking up to Christmas morning every day! Whether you're keen to explore new gaming territories or stick to your tried-and-true favourites, these free spins are your ticket to a wild ride of discovery and excitement. And those Free Spins? Every day, Roo Casino tosses 30 free spins your way. It's like the casino's shouting you a round of spins daily. Use them to explore new games or stick to your old favourites – either way, it's a win-win! 

No Deposit Bonus

And don't get me started on the No Deposit Bonus – it's the cherry on top of the Roo Casino experience. These bonuses are like those unexpected, sweet surprises from a good mate – they pop up when you least expect them, adding a dash of thrill to your gaming adventures. Keep your peepers peeled on the promos page or your inbox, because when these beauties show up, they're as dazzling as a diamond in the rough. Alright, about the No Deposit Bonus – Roo keeps it simple yet exciting. These bonuses pop up now and then, like a surprise pressie from a mate. Keep your eyes peeled on the promos page or your inbox, because when they land, they're like finding a diamond in the rough.

In the vast, wild world of online casinos, Roo Casino stands tall and proud, like a kangaroo surveying the great Australian landscape. It's not just the bonuses that pack a punch; the whole experience is smoother than a sip of well-aged Shiraz. With Roo Casino, every spin, every win, and every moment is an adventure waiting to be had.

So, what's the hold-up? Dive into the Roo Casino experience, where the thrills are as endless as the Australian horizon. Grab your virtual surfboard and ride the waves of excitement. Roo Casino is not just a gaming site; it's a journey into a world where the fun never sets, and the wins keep rolling in like the tide. Let's jump in, spin the reels, and let the good times roll at Roo Casino!

In the world of online casinos, Roo Casino stands out like a kangaroo in a paddock. With bonuses that pack a punch and a signup process smoother than a well-aged Shiraz, Roo's got the goods. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and join the fun! 🎰✨🍀

Top 10 Games at Roo Casino

Game Type



"Book of Demi Gods", "Joker Win"

Table Games

Blackjack, European Roulette

Live Casino

Baccarat, Live Blackjack

Video Poker

American Poker Gold

Specialty Games

Bingo, Scratch Cards

Now, for the cream of the crop - the Top 10 Games at Roo Casino:

  1. Pharaoh King – Unearth ancient treasures in this Egyptian-themed slot.
  2. Larry the Leprechaun – Chase the luck of the Irish for pots of gold.
  3. Blackjack Multi-Hand VIP – For those who like to play big and win big.
  4. European Roulette – Spin the wheel and let lady luck decide your fate.
  5. Fire & Steel – Engage in epic battles and win royally.
  6. American Poker Gold – Where strategy meets fortune.
  7. Egyptian King – A journey back to the land of Pharaohs and pyramids.
  8. Caribbean Stud Poker – Feel the Caribbean vibe in each hand.
  9. Joker Win – A classic slot with a jolly twist.
  10. Book of Tombs – Unlock the mysteries for incredible rewards.

In conclusion, Roo Casino's game selection is a thrilling mix of adventure, strategy, and luck. Each game is a unique journey, promising excitement at every turn!

Roo Casino Payment Options

Navigating the payment options at Roo Casino is as smooth as a sail on the Great Barrier Reef. They've tailored their services to make transactions as easy as throwing a shrimp on the barbie. Let's take a peek:

Payment Methods:









Deposit & Withdrawal




Wire Transfer

Bank Transfer


In a nutshell, Roo Casino's payment options are straightforward, secure, and tailored for Aussies. Whether you're topping up your account or cashing out those winnings, Roo's got your back.


Depositing at Roo Casino? It's a walk in the park! The minimum deposit is a mere AU $20, so you can start small and dream big. Just choose your preferred method, be it Visa, MasterCard, or NeoSurf, and you're on your way to the big games. The process is as quick as a kangaroo's hop – instant and hassle-free!


Cashing out at Roo Casino is like the end of a perfect surf – smooth and satisfying. The withdrawal methods include Visa and Wire Transfer, catering to different preferences. Keep in mind, the minimum withdrawal is AU $50, and it can take up to 4-6 business days for Wire Transfers and 6-7 days for Credit Cards. Roo ensures your hard-earned winnings are transferred securely and efficiently, so you can relax and plan how to enjoy your loot.

In the world of online casinos, Roo Casino shines as bright as the Southern Cross in the night sky. With a kaleidoscope of games and user-friendly payment options, Roo Casino is the go-to destination for Aussie gamers seeking excitement and convenience. Ready to join the adventure? Roo Casino awaits! 🎰💰🌟

VIP Club

At Roo Casino, the VIP Club isn't just a program; it's a celebration of loyalty, rolled out on a red carpet! This club is where exclusivity meets excitement, offering benefits that are as tantalizing as a jackpot win.

VIP Club Perks:

VIP Level

Benefits Offered


Welcome to the club!


Faster point accumulation (5%)


Even quicker points (10%), personalized offers


Top-tier speed (15%), bespoke bonuses, personal account manager

As you climb from Bronze to Platinum, each level unfolds more rewarding experiences. The VIP journey at Roo Casino is about more than just points; it's a path paved with exclusive promotions, personal account managers, and invitations to swanky events. Imagine having your own casino concierge, tailoring the Roo experience to fit your style!

In conclusion, Roo Casino's VIP Club is the jewel in the crown, offering a personalized gaming paradise. Here, loyalty is not just appreciated; it's royally rewarded!

Our Verdict

Delving deeper into the Roo Casino experience, it's like taking a ripper of a roller coaster ride across the sprawling, vibrant landscape of online gaming. Picture this: a treasure trove of over 700 games, each one a gem shining brighter than the Southern Cross. It's not just about the quantity, mate; the quality is as top-notch as a gourmet snag at a Sunday barbie. We're talking the cream of the crop in 3D slots, live casino tables where the action's as real as it gets, and a mishmash of games that'll keep you hooked for hours on end.

But wait, there's more! The welcome bonus is like Roo Casino's way of saying "G'day" with a hearty handshake. They're not just throwing you a lifeline; they're handing you a treasure chest worth up to $5,000 to get your gaming journey off to a flying start. And let's not forget the daily free spins – it's like the casino's giving you a lucky break every dawn, keeping the excitement as fresh as the morning dew on the eucalyptus leaves.

Now, let's chinwag about the VIP Club. This isn't just any old loyalty program; it's a first-class ticket to the royal treatment. Imagine being treated like Aussie royalty, with exclusive perks, bonuses, and a personal account manager who's got your back like a true blue mate. It's the cherry on top of an already delectable cake.

Roo Casino's commitment to quality and player satisfaction isn't just talk; it's as tangible as the Aussie sun. With their user-friendly interface, you'll feel right at home, and their 24/7 customer support is as reliable as a trusty ute. Every question, every concern is met with a friendly response, quicker than a kookaburra's cackle.

In conclusion, Roo Casino is more than just a gaming site; it's a vibrant community where every player gets a fair go, where every spin is a new adventure, and every win is a cause for celebration. It's a resounding 'You beauty!' from us. Roo Casino is not just a top-notch destination for online gaming aficionados; it's a true blue, dinky-di experience that captures the spirit of Aussie hospitality and excitement. So, don't dilly-dally; grab your virtual thongs and dive into the Roo Casino experience. It's a wild ride you won't want to miss! 🎰✨🌟🦘🍀


Q1: Can I play Roo Casino from Australia?

Absolutely! Roo Casino rolls out the red carpet for Australian players, offering a host of games and payment methods suited for the Aussie player.

Q2: What are the deposit methods at Roo Casino?

Roo Casino makes depositing easy with options like MasterCard, Visa, and NeoSurf. The minimum deposit is a friendly AU $20.

Q3: How long do withdrawals take at Roo Casino?

Depending on your chosen method, withdrawals at Roo Casino can take 4-6 business days for Wire Transfers and 6-7 business days for Credit Cards.

Q4: What kind of games can I play at Roo Casino?

From classic slots to live dealer games, Roo Casino boasts a diverse range of over 700 titles, ensuring there's something for every taste.

Q5: Is there a VIP program at Roo Casino?

Yes, Roo Casino offers a splendid VIP program with four tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each brimming with exclusive perks and benefits.

Roo Casino brand is no longer operating. Try another similar Lucky Green Casino